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About us

We work with all online reservation portals.

Who are we?

We are your competitively priced web design company. Since 2001 we have been designing websites in different languages. We offer solutions for small or larger businesses according to the specific needs of each company.

What do we do?

Web development and design, corporate entity design, copywriting, ux, online marketing, SEO etc. this is what we do the best. We will not only develop your new website, we will also support you during the entire process of deciding on the right website for you, and will introduce your business into the digital world in the most productive and effective way.

What is our aim?

Our goal is to help you earn more money with less effort, by means of a specifically designed and user friendly website at a low price. We will ensure a more effective management of your company's online image and help you achieve the online visibility you always wanted.


Website Development

We analyse your company, requirements and goals, and create a robust and maintainable corporate identify on paper as well as digitally.

Web Design

Based on your company's corporate identity, we design your customised website, which will be responsive and accessible from practically any device.


Don't be fooled, content is the key... You can go from hero to villain because of a poorly chosen word... the importance of the wording is something we always take into account when we compose your text.


Content architecture, usability... We make the user feel comfortable on the website.

Website Development

Well, someone has to do the dirty work... we have some people among us who thoroughly enjoy things like Python, PHP, HTML...

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

No, it's not quite magic, but almost... and sometimes it's simply the sum of the above, or a previous step, depending on how you look at it. A good SEO job encompasses everything, the texts, the programming, the content architecture...

In The Web Company we make the website development easy. The online market is constantly expanding to more sales and visibility channels and strategies. Having your company and business visible only offline is no longer an option. With The Web Company, from one of our efficient, user friendly and good looking websites, you can give your company and business the online visibility it needs to reach the online market that will help you to expand your business.

What´s the cost?

A quality low cost web is our goal. Send your request telling us what your are looking for and what online needs your company has and we'll send you an estimated price for you.


Contact us if you want more quality for your website contacto@thewebcompany.ch

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